Why 366? A photographic leap-year…

As 2015 drew to a close, a conversation in a King’s Cross pub about the year ahead sparked an idea. A challenge of sorts. Take and post a photography online everyday for the whole of 2016. Simple. The only criteria for the photographs: 1. square in format and 2. black & white. 366daysofphotography.

From January 1st (shot: fields on the way to a Cambridgeshire vet) through the extra ‘leap day’ (shot: the neighbour’s ancient shed) and into the summer (June 18th shot: the Highland highway to Skye) until eventually the year shrank back into dark winter evenings and talk of Christmas. The one constant, my trusty Ricoh GR. A camera that is built like a tank – shooting on sight, ignoring orders. The unique TAV mode becoming my go-to setup (you select speed/aperture – the Ricoh sets the iso).

Looking back, I can see that I was ill twice and went holiday thrice. It’s a visual diary. A series of relivable individual shots and moments that make up the everyday.

My favourite shot? Probably July 20th: A bench in Norwich on the day of my son’s graduation from UEA. But I’m not sure if it’s even about favourites.

2017? Not again.

2018? Well…

Feb 29: The neighbour’s shed

June 18: The road through the Highlands.

July 20: University of East Anglia

Dec 24: Hertford

Dec 31: The end – Walthamstow